“European Defence Standards Reference System” (EDSTAR)

Welcome to the European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR), an EDA central Database containing references to “Best-practice” standards (BPS) in support of European security and defence programmes, organisations, and agencies, with a focus on the following users:

  • Programme Managers and experts in security and defence procurement organizations (national and multinational), who have to select standards when drafting staff requirements or technical specifications for defence capabilities all along their life cycles;
  • Programme Managers and experts in industry who recommend to their customers standards for a given security and defence contract or who have to specify standards to be implemented by their subcontractors.
The BPS are standards or “standard-like” specifications, which have been selected by consensus among experts from industry and governmental organisations within EDSTAR Expert Groups (EDSTAR EGs) or EDA Project Groups (PGs). EDSTAR BPS selected are intended to be the best reliable and applicable standards for defence purposes in the EU.
Each Expert Group report is associated to an EDSTAR technical domain and contains the experts’ recommendations promoting their selection of BPS. Along with the rationale backing up their selection, they provide advice regarding the BPS applications and expectations for future advice.